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During the talk, John shared some of their programming principles at id software, and I got some of them:

"Programming is a creative art form based in logic. Every programmer is different and will code differently. It's the output that matters." at #strangeloop

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If you want to help her, you need to help yourself first. No one serves their friends by grinding themselves into dust on the altar of compassion. ~ Seanan McGuire, In an Absent Dream

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Whenever I see AI art that I like, I think "wow, good job everyone collectively"

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Top 3 challenges for mankind:

1. Going to and exploring outer space

2. Developing a neutral society with awesome tech like flying cars and AI

3. read the google terms and conditions

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so i really did not want to have to get involved with this, but because it's putting extreme stress, anxiety, and harmful thoughts on me i have no choice but to say my own part and hope that this is done and over with. i'm very busy and i did not want to have anything to do with this. i do not have the time for this. so i'm asking, as the "victim" to drop all of this and if itzzenxx could delete this stupid callout post that's causing extreme worry on me, that would be even better.

yes, i am 16 (born in 2005) and amolith didn't know that until we were fairly well versed into the unofficial/official relationship (we acted like we were in one such as mild flirting, but never formally "asked eachother" until the topic of my age came up). we discussed it very thoroughly for some time and decided to continue the relationship but both being very communicative about things and making sure we were both very aware of anything we would do and we were both okay with it. amolith and i aren't in a relationship anymore, and were very respectful and understandable about everything. as i will explain below, i am very very very busy working so i haven't really talked to anyone lately. but everything has been very calm and business as usual until this silly callout post came up.

the main issue i have is this whole "i was groomed" or manipulated allegation and the needless "i'm a minor" thing and i'm a "victim". i want to clarify some things regarding my ability to make my own decisions.

i have a full time job in the cybersecurity industry, as in i signed multiple contracts to be employed, that requires high clearance. i'm not going to state where i work because i fear you people are going to harass me irl which is very unfortunate if i'm the supposed "victim" here.
i have gone through many background checks, drug tests, personality tests, interviews, mental health checks, and more to come in a very large corporation and i was cleared to be able-minded in having high clearance access and working with all kinds of data, technologies, environments, and customers.
i get paid very well, i have a driver's license and my own car i pay for including insurance and gas, i drive very far to large cities every day, i'm able to pay for most of my necessities while still living under my parent's household until i turn 18 for obvious legal reasons.
because i'm a minor, i have obtained a legal child labor law waiver which means a judge has deemed me able-bodied, able-minded, and given my work circumstances that i should be exempt from standard child labor laws to fulfill my career path while still being able to finish school and be classified as a working adult.
i also had a side job around 15 years old, and i have worked on dozens of side projects (that ultimately failed) starting from age 13. all relating to security in someway.

this also isn't even my first, second, or even third relationship. i have been in a lot of failed relationships and after everything i have formally decided i do not want to be in a relationship for the rest of my life. this supposed "situation" has not influenced that and i simply considered it another failed relationship, not a "traumatic sexual abuse experience" or whatever you want to paint it as.
i've had weird genetics all my life, and because of that i physically and mentally grew up and went through puberty *extremely* early on (started at 8 years old, and it seems to have ended around 14 years old).

my life (was) going great. so all of this, at 16 years old, a very successful life, and i'm supposedly "groomed" or "manipulated" and i'm a "victim"? i think it's very clear i'm able to make my own decisions and i'm very able-minded without needing any kind of 3rd-party to help make decisions for me (i.e. parents). only things my parents are needed for is to provide me a house to live in and take me to the doctor until im 18 for obvious legal reasons. everything else, i make my own decisions.
amolith did not groom me into getting into a relationship with him at all, we were in a very normal friendship that happened to end up in a completely online, non-physical relationship that simply didn't work out for us. there was no power imbalance and were very communicative about everything into both being comfortable with whatever we wanted to do. that's it. spinning it into me being abused or something is very harmful for me.

i proved with @kaia that no one else has any kind of access to my accounts and i am doing this at my own will and making *my own decicions* (wow, i can make my own decisions?) here:
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Abusing a DC-DC chip designed for 60 V supply to switch up to 1000 V by putting a cascode transistor in series with its switching node. And this is in the official application note, written by nobody else than the engineer-in-chief...

Unlike computing where undefined, unspecified and implementation-specific hacks are frowned upon, in analog electronics, almost everything is permitted. The only limits are your knowledge and imagination... #electronics

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Anybody know privacy friendly TikTok stuff?

I'm not talking about front-ends, but actual hosting services

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i wish firefox android had an easy way to transfer tabs from private browsing mode to normal browsing mode. currently you have to just copy the link, switch modes, and paste it into a new tab.

i have it set to open links from other apps in private browsing mode, which works for most situations, but sometimes i want to open the link in normal browsing

does any browser on android allow for this?

#firefox #android #FediRecs :boost_ok: 🐘

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Random 3 reasons why autistic people are awesome:

1. They are strong (they go through a lot)

2. They have contributed a lot to society.

3. I don't have anything against autistic people because they are humans. Human rights apply to them, too.

There are plenty more but toots are only limited to 500 chars so that sucks

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There are a lot of "programming is like..." metaphors that focus on industry. Programming is like a construction project. Programming is like a manufacturing floor.

Those work, as far as they go, when you're trying to have a mental model for how programming produces products in organizations. But it doesn't really capture, in my mind, what programming is like for the individual. And it also kind of excludes a huge number of hobbyist and amateur1 programmers.

Programming is an art and a craft. It's honestly a lot like sewing. Yes, it's often cheaper in the modern world to buy pre-made things -- but it's a valuable skill for everyone to have at some level, even if that level is "I can replace a button". People learn to sew because they want to repair something they love, or made modifications (bam now my skirt has pockets!), or because they find joy in making things, or because they want to make things that don't exist "off the shelf", or...

1: Keep in mind that "amateur" means "one who loves"; it isn't and should never be a criticism

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