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@gerazo Szerintem az adatfelhasználást az emberek nagy része letojja... De az val'szeg érdekelné az embereket, hogy tudjanak a tanárnak szólni előadás közben.

@gerazo Kiindulva abból a csodából, hogy a Teams le van dögölve (úgy kb. worldwide mert a céges se tölt be...), a Stream.INF szerver meg ugye egyirányú, nem lenne jó ötlet összedobni egy Matrix hosztot is, ahová belépve mondjuk egy Stream.INF-es óra közben lehetne írni a tanárnak?

@tothemma Amúgy nem számoltuk el ezt egy kicsit? 2008 + 18 az 2026... Inkább a 2004-ben születettek... Ők még lehet látták is Fletót, ha másnem kiskorukban a TV-ben.

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@flugennock @Gargron It has more rhythm to it due to the double O-s coming up than with saying "post".

@gerazo University of Minnesota b& from contributing to Linux Kernel, all their patches will be rolled back. Some research students lied to the research ethics board, introduced secvulns to the kernel on purpose to see how "stealthily" they can do it (stealth = your own university e-mail address, WTF?!).


@spazzpp2 @stux I'd consider the first video, but the second, not. Spotify's purpose has been audio content. A concert recording's purpose is also mainly the audio. The stage play is a secondary thing.

@deneb @pelagikat Use a calendar site that you can enter events with arbitrary timezones in. That's what I'm doing. I enter it as it appears the local time, and after saving it'll appear to me in my timezone.

@spazzpp2 @stux OP said **video** streaming so I guess neither Spotify nor run-of-the-mill cable TV counts. I'm not sure what Prime gives. @ekaitz_zarraga Use tools designated for code comprehension. Things like OpenGrok or some language-specific IDE. There's also CodeCompass (, disclaimer - I'm a developer of that project so this might be self advertising 😉).

@hmilles It's the consequence of the design of the platform. No central authority or service providers means that you're not just able to, but naturally happen to create self-coordinated echo chambers. It's not the corporate greed and advertising revenue that keeps you seeing the same thing, you effectively signed up *in advance* to be seeing a particular topic.

And I guess the cultures you mentioned are generally not accepted in society. Increasing the need for "their place".

@tothemma Azon az offlineságon azért még érdemes elgondolkozni...

@arcadia 10:30-kor keltem... Meg kell írjam Tamásnak, hogy mennyire fasza vagyok, hogy aztán kicsit cicomázhassa az irományt egy pályázati ajánláshoz. De valami oknál kifolyólag az előző ilyenem csak scannelt PDF-ként van meg, amiből nem lehet szöveget másolni, így ganézhatom ki egy 2012-es hasonló dokumentumot amit egy másik doktorandusz kapott a tanszéken, és pötyöghetem bele a saját frankóságom tényadatait.

De először ki kéne találni, milyen teát főzzek ehhez.

@tindall Don't get me wrong, please, I'm not trying to be an elitist cunt here. This is not "if you can't compile your own kernel by using a write-only serial link then you shouldn't be counted as a person" kind of reasoning.

What really saddens me (especially as I'm also a teacher, not by virtue but by necessity) is that it's much much harder to get people to **think**... Not just about computer internal stuff, but just about everything. Once again, could be regional/societal limit

@tindall I understand our experiences, cultures, etc. vary a lot, even due to differences in the average financial situation... But I see very very clear distinctions in the "battle hardenedness" when comparing 80s, 90s, 2000s or 2010s kids. (Greatly generalising here.)

When I compare the people who grew up on WoW vs. those who grew up on LoL and CS:GO and other matchmaking-based one-shot games.

Both in technical *and* social aptitude.

@tindall and even with proprietary platforms... People always come to me with their IT shit to help them. When the computer comes prebuilt, and worse, preisntalled with the OS... and then they somehow broke it by installing some spiked warez for example, and now they don't know what to do because they never saw a partition table, or the menu where you select another boot device, before.

@tindall Is there? Nowadays where almost everything runs in a browser or the local program is a glorified browser anyways, and that Java-based desktop apps are at an all time high especially in governance (at least here), I'm seeing none the better chance to start making people use desktop Linux and such... The vast majority of what the average person will want to do is not restricted by platform at all.

Gaming is a sad and sore thumb.

@tindall Yeah, I like apt and ppas, even if configuring ppas is a real hell unto itself...

But the solution to a crater-filled shit ridden landscape shouldn't have been such tight control as seen today...

But the sad fact is that *most* people are comfortable and function better if they're controlled in these ways. Be told what to do, and shut up.

I really hope I'll still be alive to get to see we either evolving away from the internet, or the entire system just crumbling.

@tindall @T045T I know what changed. People today start using computer too young of age, they don't burn themselves hard with Malware ridden cracked games or cheat binaries, and they don't learn how to practice safe warez, how to back data up, etc. etc.

What changed is humanity becoming careless, and in terms of IT literacy, kind of incredibly stupid...

I could go on a rant about video games with automatic matchmaking too, but I guess you can extrapolate that part.

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