"Facebook and its advertisers are ‘panicking’ as the majority of iPhone users opt out of tracking"



@Gargron I mean. No fan of Apple but I'm extremely pleased to see Facebook execs screaming and twisting their limbs into pretzel shapes


@apisashla @Gargron
> But as people have asked Facebook and other apps not to track their behavior

If it's just an "ask", then it was the app's (developers') decision to comply...

Also... Over 10+ years of Facebook I haven't seen the "automated" kind of online advertisement working, at all. Am I lucky, or am I doing something wrong...

@szalayricha @apisashla @Gargron The original article might've been changed, but the only "ask" I'm seeing is the screenshot with the "ask app not to track" but that option doesn't merely request the app/devs to not do so, but also cuts off access to a system level tool which is used to track users across apps.

So devs aren't, and Facebook certainly wouldn't be, complying with a polite "ask".

@szalayricha @Gargron Facebook has to enable opt-out on their "personalization" features, mostly for compliance with legislation in various countries, but they hide the various opt-out options under several settings menus and don't make it very clear what information they're gathering in the first place. Apple installed an update which lets people know they are being tracked and gives a one-click option to opt out or in, so ofc most people opt out.

@szalayricha @Gargron as for what's going on with your Facebook, you are likely either using a browser extension that reduces ad tracking and display (ublock origin is popular) or your browser itself is configured to prevent some kinds of tracking (like Firefox's defaults) but I couldn't say for sure.

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