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@gerazo kapcsán:

"It is called a federated network because you have to be one of those Star Trek guys to use it"

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Interested in finding security problems :afloppy: and spotting bugs 🐞 in code automatically? Searching for extra credits, internship or thesis topic? Work with us in the summer on our static analysis project as a Java / C++ programmer! Contributions are going directly into world-class open-source software. Juniors are welcome!
Contact us at gerazo@ik.elte.hu gsd@inf.elte.hu

@gerazo LLVM's Bugzilla will be shut down and they will be joining the GitHub walled garden...

@gerazo So I really think we should circle back around having a free-form chat system for university students, and encourage them not using Discord or Messenger...

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@gerazo The main developer of Cordless, a TUI Discord client has been banned (since I last checked up on the project) for using the API to communicate with users.


As much as I do not like GNOME's interface and the fact that Evolution requires Seahorse and can't communicate with KWallet, the saddest part of it all is that the aforementioned notification didn't even try to say that Thunderbird users could switch over to Evolution, which does support O365 mails. (I do have it installed for reading S/MIME encrypted mail, which is not supported in the browser, at least on Linux...)

No, just "install and use Outlook"
And this came from system administrators...

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A few days ago we were told that the university level emails (the Caesar system) is being decommissioned and moved to some Office 365 crap.
While it doesn't affect me the slightest because the faculty has been using a similar system already and I'm using my faculty level email *only*, it's a bit saddening that the official notification was only saying that Thunderbird users are SOL and use Outlook (which isn't available on Linux), or the Web interface (which has system requirements).

@gerazo Kiindulva abból a csodából, hogy a Teams le van dögölve (úgy kb. worldwide mert a céges se tölt be...), a Stream.INF szerver meg ugye egyirányú, nem lenne jó ötlet összedobni egy Matrix hosztot is, ahová belépve mondjuk egy Stream.INF-es óra közben lehetne írni a tanárnak?

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@gerazo University of Minnesota b& from contributing to Linux Kernel, all their patches will be rolled back. Some research students lied to the research ethics board, introduced secvulns to the kernel on purpose to see how "stealthily" they can do it (stealth = your own university e-mail address, WTF?!).

Paper: github.com/QiushiWu/QiushiWu.g
LKML: lore.kernel.org/linux-nfs/YH+z

Well... the end of an era. With the corporate comms having completely moved to Teams, and Skype for Business just ditched into the gutter, it's time to `apt-get purge pidgin` and everything related. Was good while it lasted. I loved Pidgin, and I loved Gwibber, but with more and more websites not offering API or restricting APIs from humans (Disord...😠) and of course with smartphones now being a thing, having these clients on the desktop are not "hip" anymore...

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@pufihun 2015-ben amikor Java tárgyból bevállaltunk egy kis demonstrátorkodást meg vizsgáztatást, nem engedtek órát tartani arra hivatkozva, hogy hát a csitri BSc-s ne tartson gyakot. (Ezzel egyébként egyet tudok érteni sok szempontból. Főleg elsősöknek nagyon ne.)

5.5 évvel később vagyunk. De már jópár éve teljesen bevett minta az, hogy 1. évben átmegy, 2.-ban tanítja.

Saját magam voltam az, aki 6. féléves tárgyat BSc 4. félévben brahiból elvégzett, és 6. félévben már tanította.

De remélhetőleg annyira szárazon és mélyen, hogy jogutód nélkül szűnik meg, és nem kell a tandíj tartozásom ledolgoznom/20 év múlva visszafizetnem.

Bár kimondja az Nftv., hogy ez a tartozás nem terhel hagyatékot. Magánemberként büntetlenül kiszállhatsz, az egész életből.

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