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like she actually meant it even got in an argument with me and my sister about it and couldnt be convinced even after looking at pics of brad pitt for like 20 minutes she just kept saying brad pitt is overrated

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my mom literally said im more handsome & manly than brad pitt i cant even

modders recently added community server support to titanfall 2, a dream come true

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Does anyone know of any published lists of celebrities and/or microcelebrities who publish to the Fediverse?

(boosts appreciated)

im at the point where i find 1.5x playback speed too slow, these past 2 weeks have been tough at uni :cursedCrying:

literally 24 óra múlva javító és még mindig nincsenek kint eredmények...

a 1.5 hónappal ezelőtt írt zh-ról

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being a lefty is basically a popculte analysis cheatcode, when all the good writers from like the past 40 years are socialists or antifa... with everything good written being either a critique of capitalism or about feminist theory (likely both), no wonder neonazis keep talking about cultural marxism, its such a massive fuckin cope

thats just such a pure example of genuine respect and care, confirming that your bros private parts are in fact nice, leaving behind all homophobia, toxicity and fragility, which are otherwise core elements of male interactions. honestly we need to promote this kind of positive masculine ideal more

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"nice c*ck bro" is such a powerful sentence; its rare for men to outright compliment eachother without packaging it in ironic insults, mostly because thats what society teaches us, that showing affection is weakness. meanwhile the sentence "nice c*ck bro" clearly implies its said by a man to another man, complimenting a crucial part of his fragile masculinity without any element of underlying competetiveness, which otherwise would be pretty much expected when talking about male genitals

amikor kedden lesz a javító zh de még egyetlen zh-t se javított ki a gyakvez a félév során...

reality is

once again my morning alarm song became my most listened song of the year on spotify with ~10hrs of listening time...

should i block my friends who're counting back the days till christmas in their insta stories?

i drank another full bottle while writing that post, help

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like im kinda used to drinking a lot of water, but lately im just chugging down the contents of my .75l bottle like i used to do with 2dl glasses

is this normal? could it be indicative of some hidden health problems possibly?

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> get up
> drink a liter of water
> drink another 1.5
> still thirsty
> wtf is happening to me

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