should i block my friends who're counting back the days till christmas in their insta stories?

i drank another full bottle while writing that post, help

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like im kinda used to drinking a lot of water, but lately im just chugging down the contents of my .75l bottle like i used to do with 2dl glasses

is this normal? could it be indicative of some hidden health problems possibly?

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> get up
> drink a liter of water
> drink another 1.5
> still thirsty
> wtf is happening to me

a question in my computer graphics exam was about the working of CRT displays and it literally took me a couple of seconds the realise the question wasnt about critical race theory

"transhumanism is basically the centrism of whacky ideologies"

@szgmate elon musk unsigned intben tárolható mértékű vagyonnal

@matt im not sure i understand the situation correctly, but as far as i know this is as much for legal reasons as it is for marketing. as i understand it, meta is a new legal entity, a parent company of facebook, turning whatsapp instagram etc into their sibling companies. now its not facebook cannibalising those companies, but meta, which has nothing to do with the agreements theyve made with whatsapp for example, saving them a lot of anti-trust lawsuits

wondering which november challenge did i not fail already

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Maintaining leftism while losing faith in humanity? 

Lately I've been through a bit of a rough patch emotionally. I mean, fundamentally, I'm doing fine, but I'm completely surrounded by stories about liars and cheaters. Politics is a big part of that, but it isn't just politics. I feel like I'm continually bombarded by information about situations where ordinary people knew that something appalling was going on and just... looked the other way.

It's a good example of my privilege that these kinds of stories come as news to me as opposed to just the way that life is, but meanwhile my faith in humanity is being shaken. And that's hard too because my belief in principles like anarchism and democracy is kind of linked to my belief that people have a basic capacity for goodness.

So, how do the rest of you cope with all this? And how do you cope if this kind of thing is more immediate to your lived experience?

As I say, I've been lucky.

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