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submit to Stockholm syndrome, give up on utopia

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"az anarchokommunisták szelektív gyűjtése a torrentezés"

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Maintaining leftism while losing faith in humanity? 

Lately I've been through a bit of a rough patch emotionally. I mean, fundamentally, I'm doing fine, but I'm completely surrounded by stories about liars and cheaters. Politics is a big part of that, but it isn't just politics. I feel like I'm continually bombarded by information about situations where ordinary people knew that something appalling was going on and just... looked the other way.

It's a good example of my privilege that these kinds of stories come as news to me as opposed to just the way that life is, but meanwhile my faith in humanity is being shaken. And that's hard too because my belief in principles like anarchism and democracy is kind of linked to my belief that people have a basic capacity for goodness.

So, how do the rest of you cope with all this? And how do you cope if this kind of thing is more immediate to your lived experience?

As I say, I've been lucky.

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Mastodon's Founder Says Trump's New Social Network Is Just Mastodon

'Truth Social', which will launch officially later in the year, is seemingly using Mastodon's codebase without credit.

Former President Donald Trump’s new social network ’Truth Social’ is seemingly a thinly disguised fork of popular social network codebase Mastodon.

Its terms also say that “all source code” of Truth Social is proprietary. That might run afoul of Mastodon’s own license.

“The main thing is that Mastodon is free software, released under the AGPLv3 license, so anyone can use it—provided they comply with the license. The main part of the license is making the source code and any modifications to it available to the public,” Rochko told Motherboard. With Truth Social saying that its code is proprietary “that would be a problem, as that would indicate a license violation,” Rochko added.

#Mastodon #TruthSocial #Trump #thief

im not saying i believe in it but anarcho-primitivism is based af

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One thing that I think people should keep in mind is that whiteness is 100% a construct, and that in the U.S. white nationalism takes advantage of this by uniting people whose ancestors didn't start out as white with people whose ancestors came over on the Mayflower or fought in the American Revolution (side note: not everyone who fought in the American Revolution was white even by modern standards), under a single flag of being somehow more entitled to claim U.S. imperialist victories as their own than ethnic groups that haven't yet been privileged with the white label.

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people who boosted the post that started this thread are partaking in schadenfreude by wanting to see me get canceled, which is cringe culture, and therefore fascist (this counts as a hot take)

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they should make it illegal to speak english

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ill post a hot take for every boost this toot gets

in online multiplayer games, why is it always the guy with lowest score saying "ez" at the end of a match?

i just realised Elon Musk isnt actually the CEO of Reddit :floshd:

im turning into a full fledged debate lord, help

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I'm curious how other fediverse folks are feeling about the ongoing U.S. congressional hearings about Facebook. Thoughts?

I ask because, while I haven't been following them closely, I have the lurking feeling that congress is in danger of responding to all of this with the wrong kind of legislation.

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i honestly think basically anyone besides like the top 1% or .1% can be sold on market socialism quite easily, you just have to avoid certain trigger words burnt into most by the red scare

here i am posting yt links again, but like... this should be taught in schools, fr

the topic itself is quite relevant today (and with the recent events in afghanistan might just become even more so), but the last chapter of the video (again) shook the way i think of our current political and economic systems, beyond just thinking theyre deeply flawed. i wont spoil it here, go, watch the video

usa be like: funding a terrorist group to get rid of the terrorist group they funded to get rid of the terrorist group they funded to get rid of the terrorist group they funded to get rid of the terrorist group they funded to

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