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submit to Stockholm syndrome, give up on utopia

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"az anarchokommunisták szelektív gyűjtése a torrentezés"

"every tank lost by russia is a tank towed away by a ukrainian farmer"

*literally anything major happens in the world*

*HUF drops 15% in value*

its 22 2 22 @kanyewest where tf is donda 2?

btw putin, invading ukraine would be extremely unbased, cringe even :cheems:

calling meta facebook is literally deadnaming :flonshed:

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Today on Zoomer TV: I try to screenshot a magazine, average human attention span drops below 20 seconds, and a loaf of bread finally costs more than the median daily income.

Like & follow to support the last remaining news source not owned by Mediaworks zrt!

ne feledjétek, ma 4-kor zár az előzetes tárgyfelvétel, vegyétek fel amire potenciálisan be akartok jutni!

joe rogan becoming a dmt boomer is fuckin amazing, although still miss the old joe who was actually open minded

how to decide what falls under gender identity and what falls under expression? also how to decide if what a feel i wanna be like comes from heteronormative norms, or if its what i really want? like do i wanna present a way because thats my preferred way of selfexpression or do i just wanna be attractive to people im attracted to? and am i even attracted to those people or do i just wanna be like them? do i just have to catch a dick to decide all this? or is this what 0 pussy does to a mf?

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Is it COVID brain fog or just ADHD brain fog? Or am I having trouble concentrating because my eyes are dry and my right eye is blurry due to allergies? Or am I just dehydrated?

ne felejtsétek el aktiválni a következő féléveteket :blobcatverified:

oh and btw both of the wolves is rly horny idk if thats an important detail or not

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there are two wolves inside me:

one wants to be around cool & interesting ppl because theyre exciting and stimulating but their company makes me feel like im boring and uneducated

the other wants be around regular/lame ppl because they make me feel like im cool and interesting but are kinda boring

my friend: "my dad was 8 years older than my mom when they started dating"

my other friend with 100% sincerity: "back then or is he still?"

visiting an alt club with some friends after me adopting to softboy fashion and having them bully me by saying every third guy looks like me was pretty frustrating considering how when i asked them to point at one of these guys they pointed at a dude who looked literally nothing like me besides having a quite large nose.... modernday antisemitism is fuckin real im tellin ya

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