Az Innoskart Magazin digitális impulzus rovatában jelent meg Angyalné Dr. Alexy Márta az ELTE Informatikai Kar Adattudományi és Adattechnológiai Tanszék adjunktusa cikke "Informatika az állattenyésztésben – agrármérnök az informatikusok között" címmel!
A cikkből kiderül, hogyan találkozik az informatika tudományának K+F tevékenysége az innovatív mezőgazdasági szakemberek tudásával, hogyan fejlesztenek együtt a gyakorlatban is jól alkalmazható megoldásokat.

Our Hacker-in-Residence Bradley M. Kuhn
shares a few tips for #FOSS contributors who are working from home during the pandemic:

@Gargron what makes Mastodon particularly special over other ActivityPub-based software?

Maybe I’ve not been saying it loudly or frequently enough for the last however-many years…

Privacy is not a luxury.

Same with accessibility. Neither are luxuries, they’re life-sustaining rights. And you’re unusually privileged if you’ve not had to care about either.

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So suddenly there’s a lot of attention around email and it’s exposing how many people in the web community still use Gmail. Like actually trust all your personal information and communication (and that of your potentially marginalised or vulnerable contacts) with Google. 🤮

There are a lot of hard problems and lack of alternatives when it comes to rights-respecting technology. But email (as imperfect as it is) has a fair few affordable alternative providers. Small change, big difference.

Hi Fediverse 👋

a short newsletter of our project:

- We added #LibreSpeed for speed tests:

- We added an entry for #OpensourceBuilders:

- We started thinking about translations:

- We discuss entries for developers:

- Thanks to "n" for preparing a list of #WeTransfer alternatives:

- Our list to replace #Audible is online:

- We wish you a nice day 🌻

It is proven!

Android apps can be built using only standard packages from Debian Buster!

"This project helps to document the Android tools in Debian by providing an example build, and can serve as a base template for new projects for those who would like to develop Android apps using only truly Free and Open Source software."

Coming to #Tusky #nightly today: Redesign of the main interface including a new preference to move the tabs to the bottom. Give me all the feedback, nothing is final here.


#Google will require #Android App Bundles for new apps in Play, thereby forcing developers to give Google their app's private signing key. This further centralizes the ecosystem and strengthens their #monopoly by making it harder to publish outside of Play


Explore with #smartcityatelier

Our #FellowCity #Budapest aims to develop a vision for rationalising urban #energy use, engage #citizens into urban energy transformation and map the urban energy system.

But that's not all! Learn more at


Just came across this very nice summary on FOSS status of SBCs of all kinds: Apparently RPi is still a no go and probably will never be good enough. 😕 There are much better options anyway for makers.

Kedves Hallgatók, fontos információkat tartalmazó linket osztok meg. tanügyi időrend

This pretty shitty year just got a lot better as @lunduke just released Linux Sucks 2020 edition! ( and youtube links, to each their own)

Az elsőéves proginfeseknek szóló Specializáció választó fórumhoz kapcsolódó kérdések s a válaszok megtekinthetők az alábbi linken:

Az eseményről készült videót itt éritek el:

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