When posting stats about the number of people (not “users”) joining the fediverse (not “Mastodon”), please also post about the number of instances.

If 400,000,000 people join BigTech.social tomorrow, that’s not a win. That’s how you recreate Twitter.

So let’s focus on what matters. Sure it‘s great that the fediverse is becoming more popular but the character of that popularity matters. How it scales matters. Avoiding corporate capture matters.

#BigTech #fediverse #scale #focus

Okay, I published a big post on what's gone on with Cloud Island this last month.


So, the other mind-blowing lecture I'm doing today is about the Fermi Paradox. It's the very simple question posed by physicist Enrico Fermi: if the Universe has been around for billions of years longer than the Earth, presumably there are many life-bearing planets that have a huge head-start on us.

"So where is everybody?"

(Important cringy historical note: Fermi was one of the Manhattan Project scientists who built the first atomic bomb, making is possible to quickly wipe ourselves out 😬)

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Tomorrow I'm giving a lecture about cosmology in astro 101, and a lecture about the Fermi Paradox in astrobiology. These lectures are both TOTALLY WILD and I am so looking forward to completely blowing my students' minds.

Tegnap kezdődött és szerdáig tart (minden nap 10-16 óráig) az ELTE . Mindenféle kincsre lehet bukkani a királyi angol nyelvjárástól a kortárs spanyol drámáig (és ezek még csak az én mai fogásaim:) Ráadásul a bevétel mindig közhasznú célra van felhasználva, ezúttal a kari könyvtár támogatására.
Fb esemény/event: fb.me/e/febWKxZOg

This week Mon-Wed (10 a.m. to 4 p.m.) there is a book sale on the Faculty of Humanities campus. (There are in multiple languages.)

But of course there is a lot of other changes as well:
With #Tusky 20 you will be able to set the focus point on images and follow hashtags.
The media tab on profiles has been improved a lot, and Android 13 is now officially supported.
And of course a whole lot of bug fixes which should make Tusky 20 more stable than any version before.

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French authorities declare the use of Microsoft Office and Google Docs illegal in schools and education markets, as they don’t follow GDPR and might disturb later competition by making students used to these proprietary solutions.


Az egyik legjobb nyelvi feature a Mastodon 4.0 felett, hogy azon felül, hogy saját bejegyzések nyelvét is be lehet állítani, úgy a beállításokban lehet limitálni a nyelveket is, hogy milyen nyelvű bejegyzéseket akarunk látni.
Így pl. ha valaki két nyelven is ír, akkor attól még lehet neki angol követője is, neki csak a saját nyelvű bejegyzései fognak megjelenni. :smugcat:


Ezen a hétvégén zajlik a Magyar Élelmiszerbank Egyesület (www.elelmiszerbank.hu) élelmiszergyűjtése a rászorulóknak.

👉 Itt található az áruházak a listája, ahol az Élelmiszerbank önkéntesei átveszik a tartós élelmiszer adományokat: bit.ly/aruhazlista2022

Köztük van a BTK-sok és az Astoriát frekventálók által jól ismert Kossuth utcai ALDI is, ahol első kézből is látom az emberek kedvességét.

A lot of people are moving to @Mastodon, but I also get a lot of misconceptions and questions about how it works, and about this cool giant social network that is the #Fediverse, including @pixelfed or @peertube. So, to answer all these questions, and myabe introduce you to some other parts of the Fediverse, I think it's time for a quickstart guide!

#mastodon #pixelfed #peertube


Tudtad, hogy az ELTE-s Nextcloud (nc.elte.hu) rendelkezik Mastodon integrációval, így láthatod az idővonaladat és a fontosabb közösségi témákat NC-ből is? apps.nextcloud.com/apps/integr
Ha még nem hallottál a Nextcloud-ról, akkor a fenti címen kipróbálhatod ugyanazzal a felhasználóval, ahogy ide is belépsz.

Remember that you can mute someone for a fixed amount of time.

Is someone posting about something you don't really wanna see in your feed right now? Boosting too much? Generally making you anxious?

You can mute someone for a few hours or days, after which they'll show up in your feed again.

There's a lot of new people joining right now and if all the new energy is making you a bit stressed or anxious, don't be afraid to mute people for a while 💚🌻🍂

[ #FediTips #NewHere #TwitterMigration ]

@Aurelpec Hi, welcome to the #fediverse! Please consider filling out your profile; the culture here is a bit different than Twitter and many people won't want to be followed by accounts that don't have an #introduction post, a bio, and a profile pick so that they know a little bit about you. Welcome again, and let us know if you need any help getting acclimated!

Do you know that it is possible to join the Fediverse with Nextcloud ? With the application Social :

:fediverse: :nextcloud: :mastodon: #fediversehelp

✨ The first release candidate of Mastodon 4.0 is now officially available for testing! Find out what's new on the changelog:


::: Linux 6.2 will include mainline support for Apple M1 hardware!

Currently, if running Apple M1/M2 Macs & wishing to put Linux in, one should use the Asahi Linux kernel.

There are drivers not yet mainlined, but bit by bit all is to go into the upstream Linux.

Nice OOTB experience for Apple's Arm-based hardware on mainline Linux will happen in near future; then there'll be no need to specifically use Asahi Linux.

=> git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/k

#Linux #Apple #M1 #Pro #Ultra #SoC #Asahi #kernel

That moment when a game from the PS4 Era is ported to PC and runs better on an OS it wasn't even developed for than on the OS it was actually ported to. Linux gaming IS better.

RT @Plagman2@twitter.com

youtu.be/nED-mJqMa54 - great showing on Proton+vkd3d+radv's part here!

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Plagman2/status/15

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