When will Android devs realize that GMS is not cool, nor replacing it with HMS. All these "services" are purely marketed with significant BS from start and developers just fall for it and they integrate even if they could perfectly avoid using these. ☹️ Feels bad to see educated people falling for this crap.

The free open source livestreaming platform OwnCast has set up a demo server at:


It currently runs a loop of videos by people who self-host their livestreams using OwnCast, along with short videos promoting other libre projects.

If you run a free open project and have a short video (under 1 minute), you can have it added to this loop by contacting @owncast.

OwnCast servers include Fediverse compatibility, so you can follow them from Mastodon etc. When a stream you follow goes live, you'll see a message telling you about it in your timeline.

#FediTips #Fediverse #OwnCast #FOSS #Libre #LiveStreaming #Twitch #Alternatives

Proud to join Frontiers in High Performance Computing as Review Editor. With an amazing editorial team, this new open access journal will help shape the future of high performance computing. Find out more: frontiersin.org/journals/high-

Now available! :mastodon:

My in-depth comparative review of eight Mastodon apps for iPhone

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Elsőéves programtervező informatikus hallgató vagy az IK-n? Kíváncsi vagy, mely specializációk közül tudsz választani? Szeretnél tudatosan dönteni?

Vegyél részt Te is az idei, hibrid megvalósítású Specializáció Választó Fórumon! Kérdezz, tájékozódj, szerezz információt!

Időpont: 2022. május 25. szerda 13:00 (időtartam kb. 1 óra)

Helyszín s részletek: dtk.elte.hu/specializacio-vala

RT @Arcade_Adriano
I am looking to sell my Commodore CDTV Trackball / Transmitter. I have a vet bill for my poor cat and need to sell this extremely rare peripheral to help raise funds. Please RT or tag your Commodore mates. TY, Ade. #Commodore #eBay #Amiga #CDTV @Lord_Arse

Bye Krusader 😞 , hello Double Commander 😎 !

How to NOT manage your passwords:
☝️Using one password for everything.
📝Writing your passwords on a post-it or scrap of paper.
🗣️ Making someone else remember your passwords.

How to manage your passwords:
🌟Use a password manager.


Do I know anyone who lives in the country commonly called "Czech Republic" in English?

I've heard some international media refer to this country as "Czechia" recently and I'm no longer certain what name is preferable when English speakers refer to your country.

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📢 Exit relay operators, we need you to upgrade to Tor as soon as possible! This is the first stable Tor release with support for congestion control, which will result in significant performance improvements for users. Upgrade to now.


I do not get why Ubuntu 22.04 has Firefox as a snap. Because it is more work for them to build the deb package? Isn't it what we expect from a Linux distro maintainer? I am a bit confused. Fortunately, others did not follow.

I guess all the cool web kids use AJAX methods to "get file", which is fine if you're always running your .html file from a web server.

But we don't always run .html files from a web server.


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An appeal for help:

Trunk is an opt-in directory of people on Mastodon and the Fediverse looking for followers, organised into a large range of topics:


Anyone can ask to be added, and the admins of Trunk check the account (to screen out spam etc) and add them.

However, due to the need to check the contents of accounts, this Trunk only includes people who post mainly in English. It means they have to turn away a lot of non-English accounts.

The Trunk admins want to fix this situation.

Do you use a language other than English? Do you want to help make a version of Trunk in your own language?

The English Trunk admins can help you with the technical side, but they need people who speak other languages to moderate Trunks in those other languages.

➡️ Can you help? If so, get in touch with @kensanata who leads the Trunk project.

(There is a Spanish Trunk at trunkesp.chilemasto.casa but so far no other languages.)

#AskMastodon #AskFedi #AskFediverse

By the way, our instance became 3 years old recently. :elteModern: 🎂

Thesis topic on feature development for Nextcloud, anyone?

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