Interested in finding security problems :afloppy: and spotting bugs 🐞 in code automatically? Searching for extra credits, internship or thesis topic? Work with us in the summer on our static analysis project as a Java / C++ programmer! Contributions are going directly into world-class open-source software. Juniors are welcome!
Contact us at

Polish university student Wojciech Kosior shares his story of how he managed to graduate without being forced to use Zoom, Skype, or other nonfree programs:

M1RACLES (CVE-2021-30747) is a covert channel vulnerability in the Apple Silicon “M1” chip:

Announcement: The #Fedivision Song Contest is open for original submissions of music from now until Friday, 28th of May, 23:59 UTC! Please send your artist name, song name, your chosen ficitional country and a link to your song to this account here, I'll collect everything!

Voting will take place from Saturday, 29th 12:00 (noon) UTC to Sunday, 30th, 12:00!

📢A programtervező informatikus hallgatók számára megrendezett Specializáció választó fórumon feltett kérdésekre a válaszokat megtaláljátok honlapunkon,ahol a fórum felvétele is visszanézhető!🎬

Hamarosan kikerülnek az egyes specializációk hallgatói képviselőivel készített interjúk is,látogassatok el honlapunkra kövessétek nyomon közösségi oldalainkat további információkért!


Van valakinek kedve befrissíteni a gitea magyar fordítását? A lokalizáció úgy kb 50%-on áll most.

Szükséged van elektronikus eszközre tanulmányaidhoz, de nem teheted meg, hogy vásárolj? Egy hallgatói ötlet alapján alkotott megoldási lehetőségről az alábbi linken olvashatsz!

Small is Beautiful – live stream

Independent and ethical video and streaming with Small Tech.

Guests: Gabe Kangas (Owncast) and Heydon Pickering (Webbed Briefs)

When: Next Thursday (May 20th, 2021) at 5PM Irish time



Kikerült a Specializáció választó fórum 2021 videója honlapunkra. A fórum során sorra nem került kérdésekkel és válaszokkal hamarosan jelentkezünk. 😉

🎉 The first release candidate of #Mastodon 3.4.0 is out for testing:

Read the changelog at the link above! If you want to help ensure translations in your language are up to date, you can do so here:

Dear Mastodon, we're ~60 followers away from 12K! Can you help us get there?

Help by spreading the word that:

🔵 Privacy is a human right.

🔵 Tracking & surveillance are widespread on the internet.

🔵 Tor is a nonprofit that can help you take back your privacy online.

i hate that there's so much pseudoscience permeating environmental groups. it makes things much harder, especially when opposing genuinely bad things that are also steeped in garbage

@Gargron So since we have cooled down, is there a new official approach for the toot vs post debate?

- Will it be toot as a verb, post as a noun everywhere?
- Or will toot only be changed to post at awkward places?

We, with @meskobalazs agreed that in spite of everyone own opinions, translators should not diverge from the original text, at least not in the official translation.

As a researcher, what are some things that you find annoying when searching the scientific literature? What could be improved?

#openscience #academia

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