Is japanese animation a comon thing to watch in Hungary ?
Ofc mostly for teens and young adults.

American band : we love french music. We gonna make an album with some tunes.
Same band : only chooses music even my grand-parents think is old.

Americans in a nutshell.

Will I overcome my laziness and reinstall that good old TES4 Oblivion ?
You yoomers cant understand that but I only have one copy in a physical DVD 😄

I might give this a go tonight during the match Astralis-Mousesports :
Didn't even realised there was hungarian cast ! 😃

Anyone playing Satisfactory here ? Really love this game.

**French humor, playing with words**
Since the government cannot "dépister"(test) you, we gonna "pister" (track) you.

Current mood : correcting typos in the french translation of while watching some dumb anime

*lockdown in a nutshell*

This appeared in the french newspaper focused on the international "Courrier International".

Reading the news made me laugh softly. Especially the emergency state part. It is said in the news that the emergency state last 14 days and then the Parliement has to agree to extend it.
In France, after the terrorist attack in 2015, the government declared a similar emergency state. It was meant to last 14 days. It is still here nowadays.
Lets hope it won't happen like that here...

I hope that even with all the things happening, I'll still be able to have my semester.

Hungarian language creators be like :
- ok guys I don't like exception especially in pronounciation lets try to use a diferent letter for each sound.
*later that day*
- Oh my god guys. It's terrific look at how many letter we created.

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Ok sex is good but have you ever tried to learn Hungarian ?

Is it normal here to have practice courses in mathematics without a collection of exercises ?
I understand this in "real" computer science practice where you'll only practice with the machine.
But in more mathematical subjects practices, professors were just repeating the lecture and answering questions about it.

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